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Chemical Guys 'Secondary Container' Dilution Bottle with Spout Cap (Set of 3)

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If you're a detailer who likes to mix and dilute chemicals from larger bottles, you're going to need some smaller bottles to make your products more portable. These heavy duty detailing bottles from Chemical Guys come with a flip cap to hold and distribute your favorite detailing chemicals. The empty bottle allows you to buy your favorite cleaner, degreaser, spray wax, spray sealant, or sprayable dressing and protectant by the gallon (US or UK), then pour them into the smaller bottles - you have the freedom to mix your own custom dilution for targeted detailing that saves time and money! The printed dilution ratio chart means you don't need mixing cups in order to achieve your target dilution. Each of these bottles comes with a flip-cap and spout. Simply flip the red tab up to squeeze out your product, then flip it down to close it with a spill-proof seal. The bottle can be easily labelled with the chemical name and any hazards or precautions in order to maintain a safe working environment.

Each bottle holds 16 ounces (473ml) of your favourite detailing liquids.