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Chemical Guys Fabric Guard Interior Protector Shield (16oz)

SKU SPI-210-16
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Chemical Guys Fabric Guard protective coating repels dirt, liquids, and stains from fabric. Any liquid spilled on Fabric Guard will simply roll off without touching the underlying fibers, the sprayable protectant and repellant micro-bonds to fabric fibers to shield against spills and stains by using hydrophobic technology to repel water and liquids. The advanced formula protects against fading and discolouration by blocking harmful UV solar rays. Fabric Guard maintains the original feel and colour of the surface being protected.

The innovative coating technology protects against coffee, tea, wine, grease, and food stains to keep your vehicle’s fabric surfaces in perfect condition. Fabric Guard works on all interior and exterior fabric surfaces for maximum versatility.

PLEASE NOTE: you must cover up any areas that you do not want the coating going onto. This is a sprayable product so over spray will occur and other surfaces must be protected to avoid damage.