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Chemical Guys Entry Kit

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Not sure what to get your bike or car mad special someone? Or have you been meaning to get into detailing yourself? Look no further! We've got the perfect Chemicals Entry Kit for you, with some detailing necessities, from shampooing to sealing your pride and joy!

Kit Includes:

Chemical Guys Citrus Wash & Gloss

A citrus base, hyper-concentrated formula. Wash n' Gloss is the ultimate surface prep paintwork cleanser, shampoo and gloss enhancer in one. This 100% surface friendly biodegradable formula out performs hazardous solvent shampoos and surface cleaners. Fast penetrating citrus aided lubricating foam lifts and holds soil in suspension for easy scratch free rinsing. Ultra hyper concentrated citrus extracts break down dirt and grime while lubricating surfaces allowing debris to be gently rinsed off. Naturally derived Citrus extracts are formulated with the finest cleaning and glossing agents available today to deliver a 100% pure Citrus Cleaner free of artificial thickeners, colours or additives delivering the cleanest, streak free high gloss finish.

Jet Seal Sealant

Chemical Guys Jetseal is a unique anti-corrosion sealant developed to provide the finest protection available for paint, fiberglass, aluminum, chrome, alloy metals, and other substrates. Developed exclusively for the aerospace industry, Jetseal was developed to provide the ultimate protection from the harshest environmental elements. Chemical Guys Jetseal109 is now available for vehicles in the same nano-tech ultra durable consistency. It bonds with the exterior of your auto giving it a mirror-like wet finish, that is virtually impenetrable. Jetseal is an organically modified Sealant bonded with an acrylic crystalline at a nono-tech scale allowing it to bond to paint molecularly delivering a durable high gloss shield. This ability to chemical bond at a nano-tech scale allows the products to deliver superior results never before achieved from regular chemical formulations. Jetseal is to be applied in 2 coats to assure proper coverage. Jetseal will not crack, fade, discolor, or peel and can be used on all chrome, polished aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Carbon Fiber/Fiberglass Composites, Glass, Fiberglass, Gel Coated Fiberglass and even painted Plastic. Chemical Guys wil tell you Jetseal delivers the finest shine and protection under the sun.

Diablo Gel Wheel and Trim

Chemical Guys Diablo Gel Wheel Cleaner is a great smelling concentrated PH neutral gel formula that is safe for use on all wheels. Diablo Gel Suspension technology is Oxygen-Rich infused. Concentrated Suspension technology encapsulates dirt particles and rapidly lifts them away from the paint suspending them in a pH neutral slippery gelatin that easily rinses of wheels leaving spot free results. Safe for all wheel types & finishes. PH neutral - meaning no nasty acids coming into contact with your rims. Non abrasive formula.

Tire & Trim Gel

Chemical Guys New Look Tire and Trim gel is a single step oil trim restorer that brings life back into faded and dull trim. Delivering a fresh wet-black shine, this gel dressing is a premium surface treatment that provides outstanding protection against UV rays, that can cause discolouration, fading and at worst cracking of trim. As well as restoring lost colour, Chemical Guys New Look Tire and Trim gel uses an anti-static formula that repels water, rain, smudges, dust, soiling and staining. The new formula lasts far longer, withstanding multiple washes before re-application is required. New Look Tire and Trim gel is easy to apply, simply spread a thin layer with a microfibre applicator onto exterior trim, rubber, tire or plastic moldings to get that new-look shine again.

After Wash

Chemical Guys After Wash is an advanced paintwork moisturiser that aids the drying process. This innovative drying aid repels water, adds lubrication and creates a streak-free shine. Most swirls are inflicted during the washing and drying process however with After Wash and it's advanced lubricating polymers allow microfibre drying towels to glide over the paintwork for a scratch free finish. The Hydrophobic properties of After Wash repel water, aiding the drying process. After Wash also enhances any wax or sealant for improved longevity with a high gloss shine. Use After Wash to dry paint, wheels, glass, metal, and plastic surfaces. Simply spray After Wash on the wet surface, then watch the puddles of water sheet off the paint. Buff off remaining water with a premium microfibre towel. After Wash repels water from the surface for a smooth finish after a wash. Chemical Guys After Wash makes drying your vehicle quick, easy, and safe. Learn more about how Chemical Guys After Wash works by watching their superb demo video on this page.

Chemical Guys Kits are only available to UK customers.