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Chemical Guys Eco Smart Hyper Concentrated

SKU WAC-707-16
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Chemical Guys the Californian detailing innovators that they are, have now brought a hugely impressive a complete waterless detailing system that cleans, shines and protects in one swoosh of a microfibre!

EcoSmart Concentrate is formulated using a unique eco-based natural carnauba to emulsify and lift dirt away from the surface. The concentrated formula is designed to clean more vehicles with one bottle and just one 473ml bottle of EcoSmart Concentrated can make 2 gallons of ready to use EcoSmart. EcoSmart is designed to suspend dirt and debris in it's solution once on the paintwork, allowing for it to be safely removed without scratching the paintwork. As a finishing touch, the unique eco-based carnauba content in Ecosmart Concentrate protects vehicle paintwork and enhances shine.

One of the best quick wash solutions we've seen - ideal for a quick clean of a relatively dirt free vehicle, or even a consideration for show cars at an event who want to quickly detail away any dirt collected on the way to a show. Can be used on paint, wheels, windows etc. Designed to produce a scratch-free, swirl-free shine.