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Auto Finesse Revitalise Machine Polishing Kit & DAS6 Dual Action Polisher Combo

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A superb entry level machine polishing combination kit. We've combined detailers favourite Auto Finesse and their superb Revitalise compound & pad kit with a choice bwteeen the Kestrel DAS6 and DAS6 PRO Polishers- the most popular dual action machines on the market.

Auto Finesse Revitalise

The Revitalise paint correction system has been developed to provide beginners with everything they need to jump in to the world of machine polishing in one box. The kit comprises of 3 compounds and 3 accompanying pads, all conveniently colour coded and numbered to indicate their place in the procedure. Developed extensively in conjunction with Auto Finesses detailing range of products, the compound polishes have been formulated for use with dual action & random orbital machine polishers.

The Compounds and polishes are as follows:

Restoring compound (No:1 - 500ml) is a heavy hitting cutting compound capable of taking care of the most neglected finishes.

Polishing compound (No:2 - 500ml) is an all rounder, capable of restoring average swirling and paint dullness.

Refining compound (No:3 - 500ml) has been developed to produce an ultra crisp clear finish.

The Revitalise kit contains all you need to accompany your machine polisher in tackling swirl marks, but the stages that occur before the machine polishing stage are equally important in creating a swirl free finish. When it comes to paint correction its vital the wash stage is carried out carefully and thoroughly as any dirt missed on this stage could potentially get picked up by the polishing pad and then dragged all over the paintwork causing more damage. Claying, this is another step we strongly advise carrying out before proceeding to the machine polishing stages. To check if your vehicle needs claying simply run your hand over the paintwork once clean, if its not totally silky smooth then you have bonded contaminants. Claying will remove these and stop them getting caught up in the polishing pad and ground in to your paintwork at the polishing stage.

The full kit includes the following:

  • 1 x Auto Finesse Revitalise #1 (Restoring Compound)
  • 1 x Auto Finesse Revitalise #2 (Polishing Compound)
  • 1 x Auto Finesse Revitalise #3 (Refining Compound)
  • 1 x Auto Finesse 160 mm Restoring Pad #1 (Orange)
  • 1 x Auto Finesse 160 mm Polishing Pad #2 (Yellow)
  • 1 x Auto Finesse 160 mm Refining Pad #3 (Red)
  • 1 x Auto Finesse Pad Prime (250 ml)
  • 1 x Auto Finesse Masking Tape
  • 1 x Auto Finesse Spurring Brush
  • 2 x Auto Finesse Buffing Towels

Check out the superb Auto Finesse video guide on this page for tips on how to get started with this superb kit.

Machine Polisher - Your choice between the Kestrel DAS6 Machine Polisher

Kestrel DAS6 Machine Polisher

Dual Action machine polishers are low risk and produce far superior results when compared to hand application. The powerful 500 watt motor makes it ideal for removing swirls and minor scratches as well as applying glazes, sealants and waxes. This improved version includes a heavy duty 3.1 metre cable and a D-Handle for easy directional movement.

Supplied complete with: Machine polisher with UK or EU 240v plug 1 x 6 inch / 150mm backing plate supplied D-Handle & removable side handle (left / right handed) Spare motor brushes x 2 Wrench & instruction manual.

Features & Benefits

  • For use with pad size 6.5" up to 8" / 160mm up to 200mm.
  • Orbit size: 8mm 6-Speed variable - 2500 - 6500 rpm 3.1m heavy duty cable.
  • Aluminium gear housing cover CNC-finished gears.
  • 1 Year UK Manufacturers Warranty.
  • Weight: 2.23 kg (approx).

Or the Kestrel Deltaylo Power Plus Polisher (DAS6Pro)

The more powerful version of the normal DAS6. With an 850W motor, the Power Plus is the most powerful Dual Action polisher on the market giving a cutting power that rivals a rotary but with all the safety of a dual action. Unlike other machines at low speeds the extra torque is a real benefit for application of polish.

Features & Benefits:

  • Dual Action Polisher with 850w motor.
  • Supplied with 2 backing plates: 5" AND 6" Fits 6", 6.5" & 7" polishing pads.
  • Perfect for applying polishes & glazes, sealants & waxes.
  • Variable 6 speed dial: 2500 - 6500 rpm 6m long power cable for ease of use.
  • Technical Specifications: Orbit Size: 8mm Backing Plate Thread Size: 5/16" Heavy Duty 850w Motor CE marked / 240v with UK plug.
  • D-Handle Aluminium Gear Housing Cover CNC Finished Gears Electricity Feedback Circuit.
  • 1 Year UK Manufacturer Warranty.