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Auto Finesse Fanatic Kit

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The perfect present for any well deserving car lover, containing 31 different products from the Auto Finesse range, the Fanatic Kit covers all your detailing needs from cleaning, polishing & finishing, including interior & exterior care. Get this gift for any detailing enthusiasts (or a perfect gift from a detailer to their car...) be prepared to say good bye to your weekends...don't say we didn't warn you!

The Auto Finesse Fanatic Kit contains:

1 x Crew Bag

Can hold up to 12 x 500ml & 250ml and 2 x 1 litre spaces as well as 2 outside pockets and one mesh pocket at the back to hold drying towels and cloths.

1 x Essence Carnauba Wax 150g

A brilliant all rounder that adds bright reflection on Silvers & Whites but also leaves a top notch finish to dark metallic and solid paints.

1 x Crystal Glass Cleaner 500ml

Fast acting, non smearing formula, safe to use on all glass surfaces including mirrors and sensitive tint windows. Meets the needs of both professional detailers & enthusiasts alike.

1 x Glisten Spray Wax 500ml

Great to use as a top up between full wax applications, can be used on all paint finishes including matte paint & wraps.

1 x Hide Leather Cleanser 500ml

First part of Auto Finesse's leather care duo, use on leather interior finishes to safely remove grime.

1 x Hide Leather Conditioner 250ml

Conditions the prepped leather and restores to original colour, whilst acting as a barrier protection cream.

1 x Lather Shampoo 500ml

Highly concentrated formula that's tough on dirt and grime but still gentle on wax and sealants.

1 x Avalanche Snow Foam 1 Litre

A pH neutral snow foam, the perfect product to loosen and remove dirt and grim before shampooing.

1 x Iron Out Contaminate Remover 500ml

Auto Finesses fallout remover, simply spray on to your wheels and watch the magic work....and is supposed to smell like that!

1 x Ultra Glaze Paint Work 500ml

A brilliant glaze creating a deep, wet glossy finish. Easy to use!

1 x Tripple 500ml

All in one cleaner and polish, removing stubborn oxidation, this is the ultimate product for a speedy detail.

1 x Revive Trim Gel 500ml

Reviving dull and faded trim to their former glory, Revive Trim Gel leaves a subtle satin finish whilst re-hydrating old weathered seals.

1 x Satin Tyre Crème 500ml

This quick drying formula will keep your tyres looking fresh, wash after wash.

1 x Glide Clay Lube 500ml

Superb lubrication allowing the clay bar to slide across the vehicles surface, removing contaminants. Using clay lube over normal soapy water reduces the chance of marring.

1 x Oblitarate Tar Remover 500ml

A strong solvent based formula quickly and easily dissolves tar and glue residues without damaging existing finish.

1 x Total Interior Cleaner 500ml

An all purpose interior cleaner that can be used on rubber, vinyl, plastic, cloth and carpets. This product is a Slim's Team favourite.

1 x Spritz Interior Detailer 500ml

Use as a "top up" product in between full interior cleans, just like a quick detailer for your interior.

1 x Citrus Power 1 Litre

Use this to get rid of bug and grime without disturbing you wax or sealant. Can also be used as a gentle cleaner on wheels.

1 x Mint Rims Wheel Sealant 100ml

Mint Rims wheel wax and sealant creates a protective layer on your wheels, keeping them safe from the elements. Future cleaning can be done in a jiffy.

1 x Mercury Metal Polish 100ml

Use on exhausts and chrome trim to leave a shiny, factory new looking finish.

1 x Finale Quick Detailer 500ml

A quick detailer to keep your paintwork looking bright an shiny in between washes, this water based detailer contains high-grade Carnauba wax is safe to use on wax an sealants.

1 x XL Wax Mate Applicator

Fits perfectly into the Auto Finesse wax pots, ensuring an even distribution of wax, creating a even coverage when applying to your vehicle.

1 x Aqua Deluxe Drying Towel-XL

What Auto Finesse kit would be complete without an Aqua Deluxe? Always a best seller this super soft, super absorbent drying towel is like giving your car a warm hug.

1 x Glass Waffle Cloth

Use with Crystal Glass, waffle weave cloths leave a clearer, streak free finish that can be hard to achieve with a standard microfibre.

1 x Plush Wash Mitt

The Deluxe mitt is the perfect pampering tool for your paintwork, and maintaining that swirl free finish during the most critical stage - the wash stage.

1 x Aqua Coat

Spray, rinse, dry and you're done with Aqua coat, offering protection and beading that lasts months not just weeks. Effective on paint, glass & even trim.