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Got a question that needs answering, well you're in the right place. Whether it's a delivery issue, returns, Slim's rewards, contact numbers, declarations of love, whatever you want - it's all covered below.

My order isn't here yet & I'm getting grumpy?

  • Right, a delayed product is a pain. Here's what we suggest. First track your parcel, using our couriers website here. If for some reason you have no tracking information, then contact our customer services team on or call us on 0333 222 9944  and we will get on the case for you as quick as a flash.
I don't like e-commerce sites because there is never anyone I can talk to?
  • Fair enough, well at Slim's we can do chat as well. Whether it's for technical assitance, advice, product issues, account queries or anything else. Our telephone support team are available 10-5, Monday to Friday to help. If you need them, call and hear their voices on 0333 222 99445.
I've got my order and there is a product missing?
  • Ok, one of two things could have happened here. The first one is one or more of your products might be on back order. If you haven't already, check your e-mail, our customer services team will let you know if there is a slight delay with any items on your order. They can also update you how long it will be till you get it. If there is no e-mail there, get in touch with us and we'll see if it was accidently missed off your order, we're all human sometimes.
One of the products I've ordered is faulty and I'm angrier than a dragon.

My country isn't listed on your delivery page, but I still want all of your brilliant products?

  • It's ok, we're working on this one. We want to eventually delivery worldwide but we need to make sure it's at a fair price. In the meantime, contact us via email on and we'll arrange a quote for you.

I love a bargain, have you got any discount codes I could use?

  • We've gone one better than that, we have advanced rewards scheme running throughout the website. You can earn money off purchases, social media sharing, recommending a friend & even writing product reviews on things you've enjoyed using! Read more about it here: Slim's Rewards. Alternatively join our newsletter (bottom right of screen) or follow our social pages so you can stay up to date with any special promo's we have running.
I want Slim's Detailing at my event, selling all their stuff and spreading joy all around.
  • Great! Let's talk about your event and see if we can help out. We're social creatures after all and love meeting customers face to face. Drop us a line at, and we'll go from there.
I'm in a car club and I want me and all my buddies to get a good deal from you.
  • Ok, we have options here. Slim's Rewards allows members to sign up & share points (discounts) between each other. You've also got kick backs for recommending new members & a whole list of options so that you and your club can always maintain a discounted rate. If your club has over 30 members and you want to talk more, contact
Can we become a Slim's affiliate?
I run a car forum/page/event & want to sort out a deal for my members/and or attend my event?
  • Sounds good. We're social creatures here at Slim's regularly attending events and we're equally at home talking to club pages and forums. Let us know the information about your page/forum or event and we'll see how we can help. Contact

Can I have your hand in marriage?

  • No.
Slim's Rewards


Decide your own discount, with our easy to use rewards scheme. Earn points on purchases, referrals and even social media activity! C'mon why wouldn't you?

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Something gone wrong with your order? Lets sort it out. All the info you need is here.

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Free UK shipping on orders over £50*. Next working day delivery is standard with us, we don't see why you should wait longer. European shipping is also available for our friends on the continent.

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