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  • £32.36

    Dooka Osha Wash Pads


    Dooka Osha Wash Pads are made from a tighter, denser pile wool that not only holds more suds but also keeps the hide further away from the paint. T...

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Dooka is a company based in Northamptonshire who have been in the car care business for over 20 years expanding on their automotive experience by creating their detailing range in 2009. The creators of the world-renowned Dooka Wash Pad, Dooka have a continuously growing range of detailing products to offer. From car and wheel shampoos to plush woollen wash mitts, they may have that one thing you’ve been looking for. Care and customer satisfaction is a key part of Dooka’s development and every wash mitt comes in a handy storage bag so you can keep your wool pads clean and your workspace tidy. Dooka provide you with a variety of car detailing products for the interior and exterior of your vehicle.