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Halloween Trick or Treat Special Offer

Halloween Trick or Treat Special Offer

This offer has now finished!

Get your claws stuck into these load of goodies this Halloween...

Spend over £20 and get a free Slim’s Halloween Spooky Punch Air Freshener.

Spend over £50 and get a free Air Freshener AND a lucky dip product from the list below

  • Masterson’s Wash & Shine
  • Masterson’s Tire & Trim Shine
  • Masterson’s Glass Cleaner
  • Masterson’s Waterless Wash & Shine
  • Presta Ultra Cutting Crème Light
  • Malco Leather & Plastic Car

(As we are feeling extra nice if there’s something from the list you really want, let us know in the order comments and we’ll see what we can do)

Masterson’s Wash & Shine

Perfect for all cars, trucks, motorcycles, and RVs, this super sudsy pH balanced works in direct sunlight too. Using a wash mitt and two buckets the shampoo safely lifts away dirt and grime from your vehicles surface. Safe for all wax and sealant coatings, can also be used with a Snow Foam Lance.

Masterson’s Tire & Trim Shine

Featuring weatherproof technology to repel water, dirt and dust, this dry to touch protectant instantly bonds to the surface for superior shine. Use on bumpers, trim, dashboards and door panels, the Advanced UV blockers prevent cracking, fading and discolouration of plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces.

Masterson’s Glass Cleaner

Get a streak free finish with this easy to use glass cleaner, removing dirt, fingerprints, road tar, bird droppings, water spots, it’s safe to use on all glass surfaces. Ideal for tinted windows as well as clear glass, the product is and much more. Great for glass, Plexiglas, clear vinyl, mirrors, and plastic windows.

Masterson’s Waterless Wash & Shine

Waterless washes are ideal for when you need that little top up but have no access to clean, running water. Dry-wash technology encapsulates dirt and lifts grime away for a scratch-free shine to reduce scratching or marring your paintwork. Works great on all cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and airplanes. Advanced sealant technology protects your vehicle in all seasons.

Presta Ultra Cutting Crème Light

Less aggressive than Presta's best-selling Ultra Cutting Crème, this compound is formulated to remove 2000-grit and finer sand scratches from any painted surface. Ultra Cutting Creme Light will produce a high gloss finish without the need/use of waxes, silicones or fillers that hide scratches and defects.

Malco Leather & Plastic Care

Bring your old leather back to life with Malco's Leather & Plastic Cleaner! Penetrates deep to clean all the way down to the pores and leaves surfaces clean and film-free. An extremely efficient cleaner strong enough to cut through the most stubborn of stain. For best results spray on and wipe off immediately, no dwell time required,

Important product info: Always check colourfastness by cleaning an inconspicuous area first before general cleaning, if colour changes discontinue use immediately.

Now for the boring, but important bits…

  • Offer begins 3pm Wednesday 25th – 11.59pm Tuesday 31st   October 2017
  • No discount code needed, offer will automatically be applied to all qualifying orders
  • Whilst stocks last or items may be replaced with something of equivalent value
  • Free product selected at random, please specify if you would like a certain one in particular and we’ll do our best to make sure you receive it
  • Discount codes & Reward Points can be used in conjunction with this offer but your total amount must meet the qualifying amounts (before shipping)
  • Next Day Delivery can not be guaranteed in busy promotional periods.
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