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Black Friday At Slim's - 10% Off Everything*!

Black Friday At Slim's - 10% Off Everything*!

What is Black Friday?

Originating in the US as the day after thanksgiving, Black Friday signifies the start of the Christmas shopping period. Retailers put on special offers to encourage customers to shop with them! Black Friday has become more popular worldwide especially with ecommerce sites. So, we might not celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, but that doesn’t mean we won’t use it as an excuse to give our customers some outstanding deals!

This year's Black Friday Offer

This year we’re offering you 10% off our entire store* using code BLACK2019! Plus, we’ll be giving away a free air freshener with every order.

You can get all the essentials you need to stock up on for the winter at a reduced price. Snow foams to get rid of that stubborn contamination, coatings to protect your cars from the harsh elements, and interior cleaners for when you can’t bear to clean the outside of your car in the cold.

Why not get some of your Christmas shopping done ahead of time? Got an avid detailer in your life who you want to buy for? Have a look at some of our suggestions and enjoy getting 10% off of them…

Chemical Guys Hydro Slick Ceramic Coating Hyperwax

Introducing the First Ever HyperWax! HydroSlick is a unique product in the detailing world. Combining the simple use of a wax with the longevity, beading, smoothness, and amazing shine of a ceramic coating. Using the latest in SiO2 gel suspension technology, HydroSlick has re-developed the makeup of a ceramic coating. Reinvented as a user-friendly and durable coating that is easy for anyone to use! The ceramic SiO2 nanotechnology seals the pores of your car’s paint, creating a superb hydrophobic barrier to the elements as well as protecting paint against water spots, the elements, UV rays, and more for up to one year. Achieve insane beading on paint, glass, painted wheels, chrome, and headlights!

Angelwax H2GO Rain Repellent

Angelwax H2GO is the ultimate rain repellent designed to create a hydrophobic coating on glass surfaces. Fight the rainiest of days that wet Britain throws our way! This surface coating repels rain and other unexpected from windscreens and windows making driving in extreme weather conditions safer for you. Liquid will simply bead and roll off the surface from speeds as low as 20mph making this one of the best performing rain repellents available today. Use in conjunction with Angelwax Clarity Screenwash for amazing hydrophobic properties.

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light & EXO v4

For the definitive hydrophobic finish, Crystal Serum Light once cured, can be over-coated with Gtechniq EXO. Offering up to 3-5 years of durability, Gtechniq Crystal Serum light promises to be the best performing consumer available paint sealant on the market!

EXOv4 Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating Sealant offers extreme hydrophobic function to the vehicle's surface, protecting your paintwork from even the harshest weather, lasting for over 18 months. Offering both supreme water and dirt repellency, the sealant creates a barrier resistant to washing chemicals and heavy road grime.

CarPro PERL Waterbased Silicon Oxide Coat

CarPro PERL (Plastic, Engine, Rubber and Leather coat - hence PERL) is a concentrated, versatile, water-based protective coating that offers outstanding UV protection. It can be used to restore the like-new appearance of hard exterior plastic surfaces, keeping that fresh new look with strong UV and hydrophobic protection.

The sun (when we get it) can be damaging on flexible materials, like rubber, plastic, and leather. Gradually over the course of time they fade and can become brittle and cracked. CarPro PERL changes the rules! Providing excellent protection it can work for up to 3 months on exterior surfaces.

Stjarnagloss Sno pH Neutral Snow Foam, 1L

Stjarnagloss Sno pH Neutral Snow Foam is a thick pre-cleaner great for regular washes on all vehicles with a great dwell time for maximum cleaning performance on lightly soiled cars. Sno is safe to use on protected cars, leaving existing coatings unaffected. Apply through a snow foam cannon with a pressure washer. Cover your car from the bottom upwards to increase the dwell time of the product on those dirty lower areas.

This litre bottle is good for 10 litres or more of snow foam mixture, which is enough to coat about 12-14 average sized cars.


Got a Trade Account? 

This year we're giving our trade customers a little treat during Black Friday (week)! Receive a FREE gift when you spend over £60.

You will receive one of the following along with your order: AUTO FINESSE WASH MITT, AUTO FINESSE AQUA DRYING TOWEL, MICROFIBER MADNESS


No need to add anything to your basket. We'll add the item into your order. Selected at random!

Terms and Conditions

  • Offer valid Monday 25th November 2019 @ 15:00 until Monday 2nd December 2019 @ 23:59.
  • *Excludes 3M, kit combos, equipment, polishers, and already discounted products. Subject to availability.
  • Discount code: BLACK2019 must be entered at checkout - no backdated refunds can be issued if the code is not used or has been added to the “comments” box instead of the discount code box.
  • No other discount code or Trade Account discount can be used at the same time.
  • You'll still earn and be able to spend your Slim's Reward Points!
  • We cannot guarantee next day delivery during promotional periods.
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