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Koch Chemie Wash Process How-To

It’s been a long time coming but we’re finally here! Our Slim’s series of how-to videos are finally in motion. You may have seen that we’ve been doing some filming with a variety of our suppliers including FLEX, Gtechniq, and Angelwax. We can’t wait to release those videos but, to kick start this new informational series, we’ve decided to talk you through the Koch Chemie range from washing right up to polishing.

As the official UK supplier of Koch Chemie, we could be seen as a little biased when we say how much we love their products. That’s why we’ve put together this video - so you can see for yourself!


This episode, featuring our amazing Master Detailers James and Stefan, will teach you all about the fantastic range of wash products from Koch Chemie. Starting with Reactive Wheel Cleaner and ending with Protector Wax, you can learn how to thoroughly clean a car and prepare it for the polishing stages.

Here are the links to all the products used in the video:screenshotkoch1
We hope you enjoy watching the video!
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NEXT VIDEO: our Koch Chemie video is a two-parter, the next episode will take you through the polishing stages, including their range of compounds and pads. It will even feature how to apply the notorious 1K Nano. Subscribe to our YouTube and follow us on social to be the first to find out when that video is live!

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